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Reclaimers are the reverse of stackers, retrieving components from stockpiles, some using bucket wheels to carry the material while some are scraper or portal design.
Bucket elevators, also called grain legs, use buckets mounted on a rotating chain or belt to transport material vertically.
Grain elevators are high buildings specifically for storing grain. They consist of equipment to convey the grain to the top of the elevator, where it is delivered for processing.
Hoppers are funnel-shaped containers that allow material to end up being poured or dumped in one container to another. Unlike a funnel, though, hoppers can take materials until it’s needed, after that release it.
Silos are usually large storage structures for bulk materials, though they don’t necessarily include apparatus to convey the material to the top of the framework like grain elevators. Different varieties consist of tower, bunker, and bag silos.
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• Conveyor belts
• Stackers- Comparable to forklifts, stackers help lift and stack large loads on the dock or in the warehouse.
• Reclaimers- These are large devices used to recover bulk materials from a stockpile.
• Bucket elevators- Also referred to as a grain leg. These elevators haul flowable mass materials vertically.
• Grain elevators- This type of equipment can be used to shop and move grain and other similar materials throughout a production pathway.
• Hoppers- Hoppers certainly are a container for bulk materials such as for example grain, that tapers and discharges it’s materials at the bottom.
• Silos- A tower utilized to store grain and other components such as for example coal, sawdust, woodchips, and foods.

Conveyors, as stated above, come in a wide variety of types for various kinds of bulk material.
Stackers, which are usually automated, pile bulk material onto stockpiles, moving between
Equipment that handles bulk handling supports the control and transportation of large volumes of materials either in bulk or loose form. In general the equipment is utilized to move loose parts from one section of the production floor to some other. Drums and hoppers can also be used to funnel loose products so they can be very easily manipulated or packaged. Bulk Material Handling Systems may also make use of conveyor belts for horizontal transportation and elevators for vertical transportation. Examples of bulk material managing equipment are: